Why Choose Dr Keene

I am dedicated to relieving or reducing your knee pain safely with the latest proven techniques and helping you resume your daily activities & sport where possible and best for the future of your knee using non-surgical and surgical measures and involving you with simple education and understanding of your condition.

I have dedicated my career to being the best knee surgeon possible and still maintain a huge interest in advances and new technology (used responsibly and NOT merely to make false advertising claims which is common place these days). There is very good evidence that experience counts and I have plenty of that! I love what I do and take great pride in good outcomes and happy patients.

I have a comprehensive team of other experts (physiotherapists, podiatrists, psychologists, masseuse, dieticians and surgical colleagues) who assist me where necessary to diagnose and treat complex joint conditions. We have on-site full radiology services. See the SPORTSMED.SA website for more detail.

We believe every patient is unique and therefore we individualize our treatment plans to offer the best possible outcomes to the satisfaction of our patients.

Thank you for your interest. We hope you use this website not only to get to know my practice, but also to take advantage of the educational information included. I believe patient education leads to increased satisfaction and better treatment outcomes.